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Cars & Coffee hosted by European Auto Garage: November 2011

Hey everyone! I wish I had some kind of awesome update for you, but this is the sort of thing that I've been doing lately. Between work, the kids and construction beginning on my new garage, there's been little time for any serious wrenching.

That said, I gave the Miata a bath and headed out to a truly great event held every few months here in East Tennessee. Hosted by the fine folks at European Auto Garage, Cars & Coffee is a casual and enjoyable car gathering. But don't let the jelly donuts fool you, there are some very serious machines in attendance. From turbocharged Lamborghinis to Morris Minors, you will be surprised at what you see here each and every time.

First off, here's the company that graciously hosts this event- European Auto Garage. They have an awesome shop and do excellent work. European Auto Garage

Here's a shot of the crowd that fills the area from early morning until around noon.
Cars & Coffee Knoxville TN

Just a few of the stunning cars in attendance.

Here's a shot of my Turbo Miata acting very yellow. I throw a copy of the window sticker on there for shiggles. I also have a sheet on the front window that lists all of the modifications.

Mmmm, Grand Sport!

Awesome body lines.

Spartan interior of the car pictured above.

Not many GT-Rs around here. I'll take mine in white please ;-)

Yes, red does look quite great on a Ferarri.

Those Ferarris were nice. This one is incredible!

Three tiny cars

I love looking at these old dashes. So simple, yet so beautiful.

I bet it would be fun to build one of these suckers.

Especially if you stuck this in it:

Lamborghinis typically do not come factory equipped with a parachute.

Extreme attention to detail and monster power make for an excellent combination. I bet he has to pull the chute at every other stoplight.

Another shot of Sunflower, and my shadow.

Boss 302, GT 5.0, ZO6. I wish we could all go racing after this.

I mentioned EAG's shop earlier. It is immaculate and full of neat stuff. Like this Camaro. Probably just a stripe kit with a set of cool wheels right?

Not exactly! This is a packaging headache, but I love the stealthy install!

One last shot of their garage with a gang of Porsches waiting for attention.

That's it for now, thanks as always for reading and check back soon for more Turbo Miata updates!