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Trip to the drag strip- June 2008

I found out earlier this week that our local 1/8 mile track was having a Saturday test and tune today, so I headed down there. They only have Saturday T&T sessions once a year or so and never have "street car" test and tune sessions any more, so I have to get there when I can.

Unfortunately it was very hot and humid and since I wasn't sure what the car was going to do (spin, wheelhop, etc) I lowered the boost down a little. It would peak to 8psi and then settle at 7psi. The good news is that there was no drama at all. The car just left the line hooking nicely with no hop, spin, bog, etc. My best ET of the day was 9.08 at 76.71 mph and my best MPH was 78.45, achieved by short shifting her.

I think there is tons left in her. The slicks alone were not helping too much due to their tiny diameter making the gearing even shorter than it already is. Heck, I was shifting into 4th well before the traps! As you can see in the video, I'm not driving too agressive as I was a little worried of breaking the tiny stock rear end. I'm pretty sure that it could get deep into 8s with 10-12psi of boost, more agressive driving and taller tires. Not too shabby given the simplicity of the overall setup. On to the pics and video!

It was more of a car show than true test and tune and there was quite a big turnout of show cars and only a handfull of cars racing.
knoxville dragway

Here's a shot of the Miata with the 22x8x15" slicks mounted.
mazda miata slicks

mazda miata turbo slicks

22x8x15" M/T slicks compared to the stock wheels/tires. This shot makes them look huge!
miata racing slicks

Timeslip from the run in the video. That was the best ET of the day, my best MPH was 78.45.
miata timeslip

Video of the run from the sidelines

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