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Dyno Test: April 2011

So after getting the new Tial wastegate installed, I was itching to see what kind of power we were putting down. I called up Edge Automotive here in Knoxville and scheduled some dyno time! They had an excellent setup and were great to work with.

Here we are all strapped down and ready to go! This won't hurt a bit... well the probe up the old tailpipe won't be much fun. :-) Turbo Miata Dyno

Another angle - it's go time.
Miata Dyno

Here's a current shot of the engine bay.
Miata Turbo Engine

So how did it do? My best horsepower run was 252.8 at 6,400 rpm and my best torque run was 219.8 ft-lbs at 5,600 rpm. Stock Miatas usually make around 105hp and 92 ft-lbs of torque, so that's a 140% increase in both horsepower and torque! Amazing! The best thing is how flat the torque curve is. These curves make my old Greddy setup look like there was a potato in the tailpipe at the top end.

We're doing pretty good in the power to weight ratio department, as figuring in a 15% drivetrain loss would work out to about 290hp at the flywheel. That's 7.6 lbs/hp. For comparison's sake, a 2011 Porsche Boxster comes in at 9.0 lbs/hp (320 hp and 2900 lbs)

While those numbers are good, the dyno is a harsh mistress. She immediately informed me of a bad boost leak that I had thanks to a blown out DSM throttle body elbow gasket. The leak was quite spectacular, shooting a mist of my "boost cooler" fluid all around the gasket. This will be an easy fix and will definitely help with power and torque. It's hard to say how much that hurt my numbers, but it was a huge leak.

Here's the dyno sheet:
miata dyno sheet

Here's a video of the runs:

So what did I learn?
  • Don't ever forget to do a boost leak test before heading to the dyno ever again. (I'm REALLY kicking myself over this one.)
  • This manifold and turbo setup is superb for a stock 1.6L engine. How can you argue with the great power curves, especially given the price?
  • A 3" exhaust will undoubtedly help, as will a similarly sized true Garrett turbo.
  • I'll be adding my ECMLink software soon, as the "mystery EPROM chip" in the ECU and HKS VPC aren't optimal for fine tuning, which is leaving some power on the table. For those not familiar with Mitsu stuff, ECMLink offers robust tuning and datalogging features via a simple drop in flash storage EPROM chip. If you'd like to see more, check out the install on on my Talon website It's a great tool.
  • The NA Miata has got to be the greatest all-around platform that a car guy could ever want!

Thanks as always for reading!