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Foamectomy and other odds and ends: March 2011

I had a little free time today to tackle a few small projects and thought I'd share it with y'all.

First off, you may recall that my digicam died moments before my last post. Well, my new camera setup is here! I got the Canon PowerShot SX230 and a Joby Gorillapod to make sure I get nice steady shots. Oh, and my Lego Torch arrived too! It's a giant lego minifigure with flashlights built into the bottom of his feet. This thing is a great example of a real parenting benefit- the ability to buy toys for me to play with under the guise of: "it's fo da kids!"

Torch and I have been getting to know one another over the past couple days. Strangely, he's got some pretty aggressive political views. Notwithstanding, I asked him to help me with these projects. Also, this update was inspired by the incredible photography on the revlimiter.net website, which brilliantly includes various toy action figures into the build photos.

First up was the shift knob. I lived with the stock one all these years, but last week it occurred to me that I had a brand new 2G DSM shift knob in an old bin somewhere that I'd bought years ago, because the price was so darn good. I tried it out and it fit great! It's very heavy (compared to the stocker) and looks right at home in the Miata interior. It's got a "matte" finish to the leather now, but it breaks in well after a few months. I have one in my Talon and love it. Here Torch is having his way with it.
Lego Torch

Next up was the trunk lid. Another thing that I lived with over the years was the stupid trunk lid that wouldn't stay up on its own! Here Torch is holding it up for me, but I usually just held it up with my head or something.

I really wanted to show you how I adjusted the trunk torsion rods but Torch kept photobombing me. That's his move I suppose. Either way, it stays up on it's own now!

While I was in the trunk, I topped off my water/methanol injection tank. I only use Snow's "Boost Juice" and I've been very happy with it.
Boost Juice

The next project was a little more involved, but also one that I've had on the to-do list for years: a foamectomy! I've never been happy with the stock seat feel and after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. The seat comes out in a flash!

With the seat out, even Torch's plastic butt finds the hard foam quite offensive.
Miata seat

I got right to separating the bottom of the seat from the back, so the fun work could begin.

I started with the seat back, which was terribly simple. A few hog rings and this foam chunk just slips right out.

Next up was the bottom cushion. According to what I read, there are a couple ways to go about removing foam. I chose to cut off the foam "bump" that fills up a space in the bottom seat tray. Torch immediately busted out a knife (!?) and started cutting.

After restraining Torch with some duct tape (due to some over zealous knife play on his part) I used my weapon of choice to complete the foamectomy. I found this knife at Walmart for $2.98 and it worked very well.

I finished cutting the foam and then replaced all of the old metal hog rings with small zip ties. I got the seat back together, threw it in the car and wow! Seriously, this has to be the best "zero dollar" modification ever. It feels just like sitting in my old Evo 8 Recaros! I can't wait to go for a drive, as I used to brace myself against the door and center console under spirited cornering. Torch approves too - it's hard to tell, but this is how he gives a thumbs up.

Well that's it for now, thanks for reading!