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1992 Miata Turbo Photos/Project Updates
Differential Upgrade - Part Two, July 2012 We finish up the rear end upgrade and do a few other things "while we're in there". Click to view
Differential Upgrade - Part One, May 2012 In this update we get all of the parts needed to strengthen Sunflower's rear end and start ripping the old stuff out! Click to view
Cars & Coffee, November 2011 Check out the Turbo Miata hanging out with some truly incredible and unique cars right here in my backyard. Click to view
Dyno Test, April 2011 What kinda numbers are we putting down with the new turbo setup? Find out now! Click to view
"Foamectomy" and Other Odds and Ends, March 2011 I perform surgery on the drivers seat, take care of some nagging to-dos and meet a new friend in the garage. Click to view
New Turbo Wastegate Setup, March 2011 The Turbo Miata gets much better boost control thanks to a Tial MVS 38mm external wastegate. Click to view
New Wheels & Tires, January 2011 The Turbo Miata gets a massive upgrade in both handling and appearance! Click to view
Suspension Upgrade, October 2010 I finally get some good adjustable struts and lowering springs. Click to view
Complete Upgrade, Part Two-July 2010 Follow along and see the Turbo Miata Version 2.0 build completed. Click to view
Complete Upgrade, Part One-July 2010 Turbo Miata Version 2.0 is here! Check out the details on the new setup and how it all came together. Click to view
Miatas At The Gap-July 2008 Come along as I attend the 12th annual Miata gathering and take a ride on the Tail of The Dragon! Click to view
Drag Racing-June 2008 First trip to the local dragstrip in the turbo Miata. Click to view
Photoshoot-May 2008 Updated pictures of the engine bay. Click to view
Project Update-April 2008: ACT Clutch and Flywheel Install Follow along as I install a new, heavy-duty ACT clutch and flywheel setup. Click to view
Photoshoot-November 2007 A few pictures I took of the car on a cloudy day in November. Photos are on Flickr.com Click to view
Project Update-October 2007: Wideband Oxygen Sensor A wideband oxygen sensor is added to keep my tune in check. Click to view
Project Update-October 2007: More Fuel! I install a larger fuel pump, fuel injectors, a fuel pressure regulator and an Apexi Super AFC to control it all. Click to view
Project Update-August 2007: Turbocharger Install Photos and comments from my turbocharger install from start to finish Click to view