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New Wastegate Setup: March 2011

Thanks to old man winter and the voices in my car guy head, I convinced myself that my internal wastegate was no longer cutting it. It never really sat well with me, as I've always run externals on my other turbo cars. The housing was OK for controlling boost, but didn't look like something that flowed too well. Plus, external wastegates are just an all-around better decision. They offer more precise boost control, faster spool, proof that you are indeed a man, etc.

Oh and my digicam died right before I started wrenching, so apologies in advance for the hazy-looking pictures taken with my phone. I'm actually old enough to remember when a phrase like: "hey, take a picture with your phone" would've sounded as ludicrous as something like "hey, take a picture with your canned ham." Seriously.

So here's the wastegate setup that I got rid of. Not a bad design, but not built for 'manifold danger' levels of boost and horsepower either.

Now that's more like it! The Tial 38mm MVS wastegate in all of it's v-bandy goodness. I love Tial everything. From the packaging to the beautiful design, I would buy a Tial toilet brush if they made such a thing.

Tial MVS 38mm

Time in the garage is precious for an old dude with a bunch of kids, so I attacked the exhaust manifold as if it recently insulted my momma. I used my step drill bit, then a carbide burr bit to open it up the rest of the way.

Once the hole was the right size, I shaped a short section of pipe to match the contour of the manifold. This was the best mounting location that I could come up with, given the tight dimensions of this "log-style" manifold. Once I welded this up, I then welded the Tial v-band fitting to the end of the short pipe. I welded the pipe to the manifold on the inside and outside of the pipe.

wastegate mount manifold

Here's the setup before I shot some high-temp paint on the pipe and welds. These are by far the ugliest doo-doo welds that I've ever shat out. Let's just say that welding high quality U.S. steel to sketchy quality chinese cast iron is tricky. It seems that I got good penetration though.

Once I had that squared away, I focused on the wastegate dump tube. I started with this 1.5" O.D. u-bend from Summit Racing.

I cut the pipe down the middle of the bend and use the longer end as a starting point. Then I welded on the Tial v-band outlet fitting.

Here's the dump tube before I shortened it a bit, painted it and wrapped it.

And here's how it all ended up! I am going with an external dump, but may route it back in if I get sick of it. I've always ran external dumps, but have always ran off of either the collector or 02 housing, which usually sounds better.

Here's the internal wastegate block off flange and gasket from ATP Turbo. The flange is a 1/2" thick which means no warping! It's way nicer than the crappy Ebay ones out there. The little step makes welding up a 2.5" O.D. pipe a breeze too.

I still wanted to keep my V-band downpipe setup that I had before, so I made this little adapter and welded it to the exhaust flange.

Voila! Here's the new exhaust flange setup mated up to the downpipe.

With the heat shield in place, you gotta look pretty hard to see the wastegate tucked under there!

So how does it sound? Crank up the volume to find out!

Well that's it for now, thanks for reading!