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1992 Mazda Miata Turbo Videos

Differential Upgrade - Part Two!

Differential Upgrade - Part One!

Dyno test of the new turbo setup!

Testing out the sound of my new Tial wastegate setup. Crank up the volume!

A quick little 1st and 2nd gear launch / burnout on the new setup. I don't condone this behavior.

0-100 mph acceleration run. Here I was testing the baseline tune on my new setup. I wasn't going for a world record here, just running through the gears to gather some tuning data.

5psi of boost 0-90mph acceleration run

1/8 mile drag racing run: June 2008. 7-8psi boost, 93 octane, 89 degrees ambient temperature. This run was a 9.08@76.71mph. The best MPH of the day was 78.45. The temperature was 92 degrees and this was my first time drag racing it. I ran 7-8psi of boost on 93 octane pump gas. The slicks were a little short (22") resulting in a shift to 4th gear.

Dyno test June 2008. 10psi boost, 93 octane, 92 degrees ambient temperature. The graph was choppy due to a bad dyno rpm connection.

Short video of the exhaust at idle and revving a little.

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