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Wideband Oxygen Sensor- October 2007

The Apexi S-AFC/430cc injector/Walbro 190hp/Aermotive Fuel Pressure Regulator install was a big success, as I now have plenty of fuel and can control it as nature intended. The S-AFC works perfectly in this car with the GM 3Bar map sensor. It drives exactly like a stock Miata under all conditions. In fact, I got 33.6mpg with 60% highway 40% city driving with this setup. I would recommend this route to anyone who can get an inexpensive blue screen Apexi Super-AFC. A wideband is needed in order to get the tune right. No getting around that.

Speaking of widebands, I finally got my hands on one! This one is the Innovate DB kit, but it's got Summit Racing's name on the gauge, and it's cheaper. The install was straightforward and the laptop logging is very cool. For more info about their products, check out their website.

Close-up of the gauge. I'll most likely get rid of that summit logo.

Nighttime shot of the gauge mounted in the car.

It's very visible during the day as well.

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